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Restless Leg Syndrome – Home Remedies

January 14, 2021


There's not too many home remedies for treating restless leg syndrome other than iron, if that's what we need. But there's probably some utility in people, especially who are deficient to get some calcium or magnesium. We can get this certainly fruits and vegetables supplements, but one way to do it is to get it through an Epsom salt bath before bed. So if you ever read the ingredients of Epson salts, it's just magnesium crystals. And those crystals can absorb through the water, into the skin and into the muscles and relax them. Some patients say that this works well, certainly it's cheap and it might be relaxing before bed. It won't be harmful. And magnesium does have known relaxing effects, which is why milk of magnesia, a laxative, relaxes the bowels. And it also may help promote sleep.