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Good Morning Alarm Clock

January 6, 2021


The Good Morning Alarm Clock app is an alarm clock that finds the optimal time to wake the user up, provides the user with night statistics, and notifies the user if they should consider a change in their sleeping habits.



The app works on the premise that every night a person goes through different phases of sleep, from light to deep. The secret of waking up rested and feeling more energetic upon awakening is to wake up during a period during the lightest phase of sleep. The user downloads the app and places their smartphone close to where they are sleeping. The Good Morning Alarm Clock uses the movement monitor built into the device to monitor the user’s movements while they are sleeping and to detect which phase of sleep they are in.

The user sets a 30-minute window before wake-up time. The alarm goes off within this window while the user is in their lightest phase of sleep. Thus, the body and brain of the user wake up naturally and gently, and they are meant to feel more rested with less stress and grogginess.

In the morning, the user also gets a nightly record in the form of a graph along with the most essential sleep stats. This information helps the user to improve their current schedule and to avoid under- or oversleeping.

The app has the option to set sleep goals and will send reminders with daily and weekly data to encourage the user toward a healthier lifestyle. It also has a nightstand mode where one can use one’s device as a simple bedside clock if one doesn’t want or need to gather any night statistics. The app has a weather conditions function which helps the user to plan their day ahead easily by providing the current weather conditions for their location.



This app promotes better sleep by detecting movement and waking the user up when they are in their lightest sleep stage. The app provides nicely presented, detailed analysis in the form of graphs to analyze one’s sleep quality. One can choose and set the tunes that one would like to wake up to, providing a lot of customization.



The app may not be as accurate at detecting movement as a wearable device.

Mobile Apps

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